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Message for Okanagan College students

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Message for Okanagan College students
by Tom Esson - Monday, 16 March 2020, 9:37 PM

MARCH 16, 6 p.m. – Okanagan College students should continue to look for communication from their professors or instructors regarding classes and whether they have been transitioned to alternative forms of delivery or whether they will continue in a face-to-face format as scheduled. In the absence of communication, students should assume classes are as regularly scheduled for Tuesday. Questions may be directed to instructors, professors or your Dean’s Office.

With the goal of addressing concerns about coronavirus COVID-19, Okanagan College, its departments, professors and instructors are progressing on the institution’s goal of transitioning face-to-face classes to alternative forms of delivery, where possible and reasonable. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we move in this direction to maintain a safe learning and working environment as we deal with issues related to COVID-19. This is a stressful time for all, so please be considerate of others. 

In some instances, especially in trades and apprenticeship programs and because of requirements for hands-on, in-person training, there is limited opportunity to alter format. In those instances, shop and lab organization will be altered to reflect social distance considerations. Some Science, Technology and Health programs will also continue to have in-person labs and clinical experiences.


All student support services (e.g. International Education, Library Services, and Student Services, etc.) are still operational and functioning on campuses. Students can continue to either call or access services in person. For more information about our services please go to:

Library Services continue to operate as usual on all four campuses, and online. Any future changes to hours will be posted to the Library Hours page of the website and communicated directly to students. For assistance in the use of online library resources, please contact your liaison or campus librarian. For more information about library services, please contact your campus library.


As of today, the province has instructed event organizers and others to cancel any gatherings exceeding 50 people in attendance. Few classes at OC cross that enrolment threshold – we have made alternate arrangements in those instances to abide by provincial edict. We are also cancelling any external events on campuses where attendance is expected to approach or exceed that limit.

We will continue to keep you apprised as developments warrant on a daily basis during this rapidly-evolving situation.