This unique online course promotes a renewed relationship between Indigenous peoples and Canadians through transformative learning about truth and reconciliation. This professional development unit provides a basic foundational knowledge on truth and reconciliation that nearly all Canadians missed during their education and is intended for Indigenous and non-Indigenous learners. This unit will provide you with a concise primer on the historical and contemporary relationship between Indigenous peoples and those who settled on their lands and in Canada. This unit also shines a bright light on the contributions of Indigenous Peoples and debunks myths and stereotypes.

In this foundational course we will cover: 

An introductory overview of truth and reconciliation and what it means for your work

Call to Action #92 

Economic reconciliation and examples of solutions

The historical and contemporary contributions of, challenges faced by Indigenous peoples

The importance of treaties and what is meant by: 'we are all Treaty people'

The on-going impact of colonialism, Residential Schools, the Indian Act

Positive stories of partnerships, hope, and Indigenous cultural revitalization


This course aims to assist the workplace by providing learning tools towards a better understanding of Indigenous people and their place in Canada’s history. This unit will help you and your organization meet some of the '94 Calls to Actions from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission', in particular, 'Call to Action #92' for the workplace.

This online unit is meant to enhance (not replace) local Indigenous knowledge. We hope that it will provide a bridge that facilitates direct learning relationships with Indigenous peoples, Nations and organizations, as a result of this heightened awareness.