How Social Media Drives Social Justice

Welcome writers. I look forward to meeting each of you next week in our virtual classroom. Though Zoom cannot replace your campus experience, perhaps it will embolden us to meet the urgency of the moment. Without the contextual cues we derive from body language, movement and facial expressions, the words we choose, the way we order them, and the media through which we deliver them matters now more than ever. Online traffic in text, Twitter, and TikTok, to name a few, continues to trend upward even as disinformation filters in from bad actors on the world stage. If we get this right, you will leave this course armed with skills and confidence you’ll need to rise above the din with credible sources, concise language, and the confidence of a writer who speaks with authority about a subject that engages the reader with 280 characters, 1500 words, and everything in-between.